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Course Year: 1
Course Period: Güz
Course Code Course Name Course Type
- Elective I Seçmeli
- Free Elective I Serbest Seçmeli
EDEN 509 Approaches to Teaching Language Skills Zorunlu
EDEN 504 Theories of Second Language Acquisition Zorunlu
EDGN 528 Research Methods and Techniques in Education Zorunlu
Course Period: Bahar
Course Code Course Name Course Type
- Elective II Seçmeli
- Free Elective II Serbest Seçmeli
EDEN 505 Current Issues in INSET and Professional Development Zorunlu
EDEN 507 Principles of Foreign Language Testing Zorunlu
EDEN 569 Final Project Zorunlu
Course Year: Hiçbiri
Course Period:
Course Code Course Name Course Type
EDEN 518 Use of Technology in Material Evaluation Seçmeli
EDEN 501 Topics in Applied Linguistics Seçmeli
EDEN 582 Intercultural Communication and Discourse Analysis Seçmeli
EDEN 521 Teaching English to Young Learners and Primary School Students Seçmeli
EDEN 513 Sociolinguistics Seçmeli
EDEN 589 English for Specific Purposes Seçmeli
EDEN 581 Material Evaluation and Adaptation Seçmeli
EDEN 517 Use of Literary Texts in TEFL Seçmeli
EDEN 583 Management in English Language Education Serbest Seçmeli
EDEN 586 Composition Studies for English Language Teaching Serbest Seçmeli
EDEN 515 Psycholinguistics Serbest Seçmeli
EDEN 523 Classroom Based Research Serbest Seçmeli
EDEN 212 Approaches in English Teaching and Learning Zorunlu
EDEN 212 New Approaches in English Language Teaching Zorunlu