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Jerome Charles Bush “A Corpus Analysis of Economics Textbooks” 2020 Doktora
Merve Selçuk “The Correspondence Between Test Developer’s Presumptions, Test Experts’ Assumptions, and Test Takers’ Perceptions on Reading Comprehension Tests” 2020 Doktora
Ece Genç Yöntem “Investigation of Grammatical and Lexical Errors in Three Different Level Turkish EFL Learners' Spoken Corpus” 2019 Doktora
Özlem Yalçın Çolakoğlu “Standard Setting and Validation of a Placement Test by Aligning it to the CEFR” 2019 Doktora
Merve Savaşçı “The Role of Extensive Reading (ER) and Repeated Reading (RR): Unveiling the Effects and Bridging the Gap” 2019 Doktora
Umut Muharrem Salihoğlu “A Corpus Informed Study on Learning Technical Collocations by Environmental Engineering Students”  2019 Doktora
Sedat Beceren “Possible Effects of Employing Video Recording as a Self-Monitoring Tool on Pre-Service EFL Teachers' Reflectivity and Teaching Knowledge”  2018 Doktora
Ece Sevgi Sole “Rater Discrepancy Resolution In Second Language Writing Assessment: An Analysis of Rater Negotiations” 2018 Doktora
Ayşegül Nergis “The Effect of Explicit Instruction of Formulaic Sequences on L2 Oral Fluency” 2018 Doktora
Mutahhar Başer “The Role of Morphological Processing in Reading Fluency in the Second Language” 2017 Doktora
Hümeyra Genç “The Impact of Context and Content Visuals In Multimodal Input on EFL Academic Listening Comprehension” 2017 Doktora
Mehmet Orkun Canbay “A Psycholinguistic Study of L1 Turkish And L2 English Writing: The Role of Working Memory” 2017 Doktora
Serkan Gürkan “The Effects of Hypermedia Annotation Types and Learning Styles on Mobile Assisted Vocabulary Learning, Recall And Retention” 2017 Doktora
Kaine Gülözer “The Effect of Audio and Video Modality on Listening Comprehension of Reduced Forms in Sentential Level: The Role of Web-Based Learning” 2016 Doktora
Serkan Uygun “The Processing of Compounds in Adult Second Language Learners of English and Turkish” 2016 Doktora
Aslı Lidice Göktürk Sağlam “Washback and Instructional Sensitivity of Theme-Based High-Stakes English Language Proficiency Test” 2016 Doktora
Adem Soruç “The Effects of Processing Instruction and Production-Based Instruction on the Regular Verb Form of English Simple Past Tense: The Role Of Explicit Information” 2015 Doktora
Bora Demir “Exploring the Role of Proficiency as a Mediator of the Relationship Between Working Memory and Text Comprehension in the L2” 2015 Doktora
Evrim Eveyik Aydın “Moves in Discussions: A Corpus-Based Genre Analysis of the Discussion Sections in Applied Linguistics Research Articles Written in English” 2015 Doktora
Görsev İnceçay “An Investigation of Research Knowledge and Orientation of English Language Teachers Attending MA Program” 2015 Doktora
Orhan Kocaman “Effects of Computer Assisted Vocabulary Instruction on Vocabulary Learning and Vocabulary Learning Strategies” 2015 Doktora
Faruk Kural “Preparing Turkish Students to Study in English-Speaking Contexts” 2015 Doktora
Kenan Dikilitaş “The Impact of In-Service Teacher Training: A Case Study of Four Novice Teachers’ Beliefs and Classroom Practices” 2013 Doktora
Enisa Mede “Design and Evaluation of a Language Preparatory Program at an English Medium University in an EFL Setting: A Case Study” 2012 Doktora
Gökçe Kurt “Developing Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Turkish Pre-Service Teachers of English Through A Design Study” 2012 Doktora


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