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Dersler | Master's Program in Educational Administration and Supervision Non-Thesis

Course Year: 1
Course Period: Güz
Course Code Course Name Course Type
EYD 5XX Free Elective 1 Seçmeli
EYD 5XX Free Elective 2 Seçmeli
EYD 504 Introduction to Educational Administration Zorunlu
EYD 575 Development and Implementation of Educational Programs Zorunlu
EYD 559 Educational Economics and Planning Zorunlu
Course Period: Bahar
Course Code Course Name Course Type
EYD 5XX Free Elective 4 Seçmeli
EYD 5XX Free Elective 3 Seçmeli
EDGN 528 Research Methods and Techniques in Education Zorunlu
EEP 515 Innovative Approaches to Instruction Zorunlu
EYD 509 Human Resources Management in the Educational Settings Zorunlu
EYD 560 Graduation Project Zorunlu
Course Year: Hiçbiri
Course Period:
Course Code Course Name Course Type
EPÖ 503 Learning and Teaching Processes Serbest Seçmeli
EEP 512 Education and Foundations of Development Serbest Seçmeli
EPÖ 520 Distance Education Serbest Seçmeli
EEP 518 Comparative Education Serbest Seçmeli
EPÖ 502 Curriculum Development Studies Serbest Seçmeli
EEP 514 Educational Leadership and Continuous Improvement Strategies Serbest Seçmeli
EPÖ 522 E-learning Design and Development Serbest Seçmeli
BTSM 510 Communication Theories and Media Education Serbest Seçmeli
EPÖ 521 Problems of Classroom Management Serbest Seçmeli
EPÖ 525 Accreditation Process in Education Serbest Seçmeli
EPÖ 511 Active Learning Serbest Seçmeli
BTSM 505 Computer and Social Media Literacy Serbest Seçmeli
EPÖ 501 The Foundations of Curriculum Development in Education Serbest Seçmeli