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You can apply to the Counseling and Coordination Unit for Students with Disabilities at the points you need support due to your disability engelsiz@yeditepe.edu.tr
Course Year: 1
Course Period: Güz
Course Code Course Name Course Type
XXX XXX Elective-1 Elective
PCG 501 Contemporary Counseling Theories Core
PCG 503 Principles and Techniques of Counseling Core
PCG 518 Guidance and Counseling in Different Populations Core
PCG 551 Personality Theories Core
Course Period: Bahar
Course Code Course Name Course Type
XXX XXX Elective-2 Elective
EDGN 528 Research Methods and Techniques in Education Core
PCG 510 Individual Recognition Techniques Core
PCG 516 Guidance and Counseling in Schools Core
PCG 519 Project Core
PCG 521 Recent Topics in Vocational and Career Counseling Core
Course Year: Elective
Course Period:
Course Code Course Name Course Type
BTSM 510 Communication Theories and Media Education Elective
EPÖ 606 Cognitive Learning Elective
EPÖ 617 Individual Differences in Classroom Elective
PCG 504 Group Counseling Practice Elective
PCG 505 Principles and Techniques of Group Counseling Elective
PCG 511 Problems in Adolescence and Researches Including Adolescents Elective
PCG 525 Couple and Family Counseling Elective
PCG 526 Trauma Informed Schools Elective