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The scholarship applications for the 2021-2022 academic year are available at the call of the Islamic Development Bank (Islamic Development Bank / IsDB).

Scholarships for Master, Doctorate, and Post-Doctoral Researcher will be awarded in the following fields of Education:

  • Quality of Teaching,
  • Pupil/Teacher Ratio
  • High Level Training
Education for Sustainable Development
  • Integration of Sustainability-related issues into national curricula and teaching syllabus documents

In addition, undergraduate level scholarships will be awarded in the field of Education under the following topics:

Education, Psychology and Learning, Education Policy and International Development
  • Education
  • Education for Sustainable Development

Within the scope of this call, applications can be made for the following programs:

  • Undergraduate Scholarship Program
  • Graduate Scholarship Program
  • PhD Scholarship Program
  • Postdoctoral Research Program
  • IsDB-ISFD Scholarship Program (For The Least Developed 21 Member Countries - Technical, Vocational Education and Training Program)
  • IsDB-ISFD Scholarship Program (For 21 Least Developed Member Countries - Undergraduate Studies Program)

The deadline for the call, which can be applied online via the IsDB scholarship portal (www.isdb.org/scholarships), is February 28, 2021. Details of the call, where only online applications will be considered, are available on the scholarship portal.