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After completing your thesis, send it to the Graduate School to prepare the pre-defense plagiarism report of your thesis. After the plagiarism report is positive, you can hold your thesis defense exam when your Thesis Advisor deems it appropriate. Thesis defense exams to be held over online video conference systems due to the pandemic should be recorded and shared with our Institute. During the defense, ensure that the Jury signs out the Thesis Defense Report as soon as possible, send this form to our Institute in the week of your defense exam. You can send the form by courier due to the pandemic. Click for Master Thesis Defense Record. If your thesis is found successful, sign the Thesis Delivery Approval form and send it to the Institute. (Relevant forms are in the Regulation and Forms section.)

After your defense exam is successfully completed, share it with our Institute again for the preparation of the post-defense plagiarism report of your thesis. You must add your post-defense plagiarism report to the end of your thesis.

By the decision of the relevant Graduate School Administrative Board, the plagiarism rate for the thesis to be accepted can be at most 20%, including the cover page, contents, bibliography, and appendices.