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Many qualities of our graduate school such as the quality of education, technical infrastructure, administrative-social networks, modern information-information sharing and adoption of global values, follow-up have a positive effect on the preference of our graduates. Examples of these features include:

  1. The Graduate Program in Information Technologies and Social Media Education in our institute is located in universities such as University of California-Berkeley, Stanford University, Columbia University and Harvard University, which are among the most respected universities in the world. This program trains expert individuals with special qualifications in education-information and information fields.
  2. All of the graduates of English Language Education Ph.D. program are employed in various universities in Turkey. While our doctoral program students are in the thesis phase, they get new job offers and connect with them.
  3. Educational Administration and Supervision A major part of our graduates are working in administrative-management positions such as Director / Assistant Manager in institutions and organizations affiliated to Ministry of National Education.
  4. Most of the graduates of the Graduate Programs such as Curriculum and Instruction, Education Economics and Planning work in areas such as education and consultancy in electoral institutions and organizations.

Some of our technical infrastructure and laboratory facilities are as follows:

Arduino Sets: Our institute also closely follows today's education world, where STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education and Coding Education is very important. For this purpose, we aim to continuously improve our trainer's characteristics with our 26 Arduino sets and various sensors. Our institute students have the opportunity to design and implement fun and instructive rich environments by combining STEM training and coding with gamification.

Smart Classroom: A smart class with Smart Interactive Board and Smart Notebook software is used in our institute. It is aimed to obtain the highest efficiency from the courses with the support of the interaction provided by the related software. In addition, many of our students, who are teachers, have the opportunity to develop course designs that follow the new technologies and emphasize individual characteristics in the teaching profession.

Computer Laboratory: Our Computer Laboratory, which is used in the Institute, has 28 computers, 109 LCD screens, projection equipment. In addition to the applications in technology-based courses, our students are also given the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical knowledge they receive with statistical programs. In addition, the necessary equipment and materials for our courses such as Computer Hardware, Computer Networks and Communication, Database Management are available in our laboratory.

Our institute, which provides a modern postgraduate education in accordance with the requirements of the era and country needs, has been carrying out this purpose since 2001 when it was established in accordance with the vision of our university.


Prof. Dr. Servet Bayram