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About the Program

The purpose of Guidance and Psychological Counseling Thesis / Non-Thesis Programs; to provide individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to realize the counseling and counseling services offered in educational, health and industrial institutions and organizations effectively and to provide them to specialize in the field of psychological counseling and guidance. Thus, it is aimed to train qualified specialist counselors who are able to effectively manage the guidance and psychological counseling services in different types of institutions and organizations, including the psychological counseling and guidance activities needed in educational institutions, foundations and concepts, principles and techniques of contemporary counseling science. Graduates who have completed the program with thesis can apply to doctorate programs and work as academician in universities.

The language of instruction of the program is English. The program consists of 21 credits (120 ECTS), including five compulsory, two elective, seminars and dissertations. The three scientific preparatory courses in the program are valid for students who are graduated from the Faculty of Education, who come from the field of Guidance and Psychological Counseling and those who come from the field of Psychology.

The language of the program is Turkish. The program consists of 30 credits (100 ECTS), eight compulsory, two elective and project. There is no scientific preparation in the program without thesis.

Examples of Program Courses

PCG 501 Contemporary Counseling Theories

PCG 505 Group Counseling Principles and Techniques

PCG 510 Individual Recognition Techniques

PCG 518 Guidance and Psychological Counseling in Different Populations

EDGN 528 Research Methods and Techniques in Education