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The graduate school is a higher education institute which educates educators in the field of educational sciences, education, scientific research, publication and application. Yeditepe University, Graduate School of Educational Sciences, conducts its educational-instructional activities with 13 different graduate programs, with or without thesis. Our institute has 573 registered students, 51 of which are doctoral and 522 of them are graduate students. To this date, 11 doctoral degrees and 379 graduate degrees have been awarded. Our graduates work in distinguished institutions.

In all of our graduate programs, educational environments of different sizes are analyzed and solutions to problems related to them are presented to the national and universal science community. With the graduate programs we conduct, we train competent teachers, experts and scientists. We aim to make our graduates a visionary leader, good and strategic management, open to cooperation, responsible, sharing and productive experts. We adapt our research and application studies with our elite faculty members to educational environments and life with real-time modeling in the light of our corporate professional values. Our graduate school aims to achieve the level of an institution that pioneers interdisciplinary studies by developing inter-university cooperation with nationally-accepted programs and programs. In all of our programs, respect for people, service to society and adherence to scientific ethical values ​​are among our basic principles. 12 different graduate programs including Information Technologies and Social Media Education (Thesis), Education Economics and Planning (Thesis / Non-Thesis), Curriculum and Instruction (Thesis / Non-Thesis, Doctorate), Educational Administration and Supervision (Non-Thesis), English Language Teaching (Thesis / Non-Thesis, Doctorate), Guidance and Psychological Counseling (Thesis / Non-Thesis) program Educational Programs are available. Some of our programs are interdisciplinary and offer education and training based on the new dynamics of the digitalizing world. Offering postgraduate career opportunity in assessing towards production of social media, Master's Program in "Information Technology and Social Media Education" was established in 2015 for the first time Yeditepe University in Turkey.

Master's Program in "Guidance and Psychological Counseling" is one of our most preferred programs. Master's Programs in "Education Economics and Planning", "Educational Administration and Supervision" and "Curriculum and Instruction" has been offered in the Graduate School of Education for many years for people who have been seeking to work at secondary education institutions, private and public education institutions or other organizations, human resources, lifelong education and others. Since the 2006 - 2007 academic year, Master's and Doctoral Programs in "English Language Education" has been offered order to provide professional development of experienced English teachers and become a teacher (formator). The aim of all our programs is to educate scientists who can provide superior service to society.


Program Representatives:

Prof. Dr. Servet BAYRAM (Educational Administration and Supervision)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gonca KIZILKAYA CUMAOĞLU (Information Technology and Social Media Education)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yelkin DİKER COŞKUN (Curriculum and Instruction, Education Economics and Planning)

Dr. Instructor Evrim EVEYİK AYDIN ​​(English Language Education)

Dr. Instructor Ayşen KÖSE ŞİRİN (Guidance and Psychological Counseling)


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