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BEYZA YUNUSOĞULLARI  Examining the relationship between attitudes towards gender roles, cognitive distortion and psychological well-being level of university students    2018 Yüksek Lisans
BURCU DOK Predictive roles of loneliness and automatic thoughts on resilience of university students        2018 Yüksek Lisans
DENİZ DEMET AVCIBAŞI Examining the relationship between 7th and 8th grade middle school students' perceived social support and emphaty levels          2018 Yüksek Lisans
DİDEM DAMLA YOĞURTÇU The relationship between five factor personality traits and nomophobia levels among university students  2018 Yüksek Lisans
IŞIL AKÇAY  Analyzing the effects of group psychological counseling program according to results of projective assessment test applied to 8-10 years old children  2018 Yüksek Lisans
ZEYNEP EMİROĞLU  Examining the effects of basic psychological needs and life satisfaction levels on tendencies to violence of 10-14 aged middle schools students    2018 Yüksek Lisans
ZEYNEP PEKİN  Examinig the predictive roles of university students' attachment styles, subjective well-being and locus of control levels on their social appearance anxiety levels 
2017 Yüksek Lisans
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