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Advanced Quantitative Research Methods and Techniques in Education

Course Code: 
EDGN 604
Course Type: 
Course Language: 
Course Objectives: 
To provide students with a comprehensive coverage of advanced topics in quantitative research methodology.
Course Content: 

A critical view on a variety of research method paradigms with a focus on issues in applied linguistics.

Course Methodology: 
1: Lecture, 2: Discussion, 3: Simulation, 4: Demonstration, 5: Problem solving, 6: Group work, 7: Drama, 8: Micro teaching
Course Evaluation Methods: 
A: Exam, B: Multiple choice, C: Gap filling, D: True false, E: Oral exam, F: Portfolio, G: Presentation, H: Project

Vertical Tabs

Dersin Öğrenme Çıktıları

Understanding Quan research debate

Understanding areas of research in SLA 

Understanding and applying different statictical methods

Understanding and applying standart scores 

Understanding and applying hypothesis testing

Dersin Akışı

Introduction to the course and discussion of the syllabus,
QUAN research debate 

2 Fundamental concepts in QUAN R
Variables (types, functions, scales), validity

3 Areas of research in in in applied linguistics
(Oral report on readings)

4 Areas of Research in SLA
(Oral reports on readings) 

5. Methods: Historical and descriptive
Presentations on A1a
Oral reports on readings

6. Methods: Descriptive
Oral reports on readings Articles, book

7 Methods: Experimental Articles, book

8. Instrumentation and data collection
Oral reports on readings 

9. Descriptive stat (Working with SPSS)
Presentations on A1b 

10 Standard scores and hypothesis testing 

11 Comparing 2 means (T-test)- 

12 Comparing more than 2 means (One way ANOVA)- 

13 Comparing means in factorial designs (Two way ANOVA) 

14 Correlational analyses 

15 Regression analyses 


Farhady, H. & Hatch, E. M. (1982).

Research design and statistics for applied linguistics, Newbury

Materyal Paylaşımı

Assignments: Weekly questions, weekly reflective essays, term project, instrument
development, weekly ooutlines & presentations, dissertation review, mini

Değerlendirme Sistemi

Weekly Questions 16
Weekly outlines & presentations 16 
Weekly reflective essays 16
Term Project 1 
Instrument Development 1 
Dissertation Review 1 
Mini Projects 5 
Total  56 

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